‘I Have Plans’

One Friday night the little lady of the house informs me that we won't be going to our church on Sunday because she had plans. I immediately answer back making it clear that nothing replaces church. She can have plans after church; I never had plans until I was in campus. My mother told us [...]


Politically Speaking…

Before the August 8th 2017 elections, my daughter gave me so much advice on who to vote for. She specifically narrowed down to the governor and president. Giving me reasons why and why not? She talked about the transport sector as if she owns a fleet of vehicles: Then talked about health and sanitation. She [...]

#9 Peniel Esther

Meet Peniel Esther, she is six years old. Very bold. She aspires to be a doctor when she grows up. So here we go, #MyRandom10QuestionsForTheUnder10 1. Why do people go to church? Peniel: Because it shows they are worshippers 2. Must everyone have a car? Peniel: No, because you can also use a bus or [...]

#8 Elizabeth Mbeke

From Acacia Crest Academy, here is Elizabeth Mbeke. She is one of the girls I have met whose faces are stuck on my mind, not just the face but the smile too. So here we go: #MyRandom10QuestionsForTheUnder10 1. What would you like to be when you grow older: Elizabeth: I would like to be a [...]