Now That You Write About Me…

‘There are things about me that you should never write about, some are so private, and you know I am 9 years old.’ That is how a recent conversation started. The girl is my inspiration for this blog, so when the inspiration begins to sway, what will happen to my hobby? She has been always been cool [...]



Have you ever tried praying in church, trying to find that connection and peace while communicating with God, then you hear someone shouting ‘I CANT HEAR YOU PRAY!’ Especially if you are positioned near a speaker. ‘Surely, are we praying to you, is it your work to hear our prayers, God knows who is praying [...]

School Drama!

When her teachers call me, I drop everything! (Especially when I know I have paid my dues and she went to school in the right school uniform). So this time I was called urgently because she is very sick. You should have seen me flying to school like am in labour. On arrival I find [...]