#1 Blessed Denzel Kimani

16706803_818329924984898_1897284650_n.jpgBlessed Denzel  Kimani is a young talented boy who is full of joy. He is very resourceful on Treasure hunt (Hope FM’S children program) . We call him our sports boy. After a great recording,  I got a chance to ask my random 10 questions for the under 10: 
1.  What does your name mean?
Denzel: Denzel means ‘The loved one’
2.  Where do you go to school ?
Denzel: Tassia School, Fedha Estate in Nairobi
3.  What would you like to be when you grow up?
Denzel: A doctor. Being a doctor is the best career ever.
4. How much do you want to be paid per week as a doctor?
Denzel: Ksh. 300 Per Month
5.  Which is the best country in the world?
Denzel: Japan, because they have the best fighters and are also the best car manufacturers.
6.  What one thing should grown ups stop doing?
Denzel: They should stop beating children every time and too much!
7.  Who makes more money men or women?
Denzel: Men because the are more hardworking.
8.  What is the best gift you can give your mother?
Denzel: When I grow up I will buy her a new house.
9. What should the President of Kenya do?
Denzel: Make the roads better, and arrest people who are doing bad things
10. Which is your favourite memory verse?
Denzel: Genesis 1:1 ‘ In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth’



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