What is in This Little Head?

  I think we are at the 'nothing' stage. She lies on her bed, staring at the ceiling, with different facial expressions, at times with a sheepish smile. Then appears to be deep in thought. Well, 'Rawder, how do you see all this?' 'Thank you for asking. Its simple, I am a normal good mother, [...]


Things Have Become Worse!

My baby turned eleven, I thought the fun is over, now that she is all grown up and has a list of childish things she cannot do anymore. I also thought that those stupid tricks I once wrote about are over. Poor me, she is more clever now. She has over five years of experience [...]

Dear Married Woman,

I am tired of listening to you. I have been your audience for a long time, I officially quit! If you have nothing positive to say about your husband, then don't come near me. On Monday you said he is a useless goat who cannot do anything, on Tuesday you said he is the worst [...]